LED Workshop for Artists

Class Description:

LEDs are amazing brilliant little packages of light which can be embedded almost anywhere. They do require a bit of special care and feeding, though, and there is quite a variety available. This class will start with the basic single LED that can be powered through a resistor by a battery or power adapter. We will cover LED strips and how to power them properly. Then we will discuss high powered LEDs and their drivers. RGB LEDs like Neopixels will be looked at with Arduino (an awesome, friendly microcontroller) to control them. We will only go over enough Arduino to upload some code. For more on programming Arduino check for future classes.

*Soldering and wiring will be one of the activities, and resources on how to select parts and where to get them will be provided.

*Materials provided for class use only. Artists will have the option to purchase a custom $10 starter pack of LEDs to take home.


June 26th   from 9am-12

Class Size:

Up to 10


18 and up

Cost per Student: